Application / Renewal of Pesticide Handling License

Any individual who possess, handle or manages a company or businesses that deal with the use of pest control or is involved in the handling of pest control on other people's property for a fee, must obtain a pesticide control handling license issued by the Board.

Application for the Pesticide Control Handling License must be made in writing to the Pesticide Board in Form B (Download application form) and attached with an application fee of RM400.00.
The Pesticide Control handling License cannot be transferred to another party and is only issued in accordance to the stipulated terms as below:

  1. Unless previously revoked or suspended, the license is valid for a period of two years from the date the license is issued.
  2. The license must be displayed at all time at the premise stated in the license.
  3. No person can conduct or operate a company/business that deals with pest control unless it is in the premise stated in the license.
  4. The Board will not issue a Pesticide Handling License until the applicant, or a pesticide handler which is employed by the applicant that conduct or supervise the operations of a pesticide control on other people's property for a fee, is a licensed pesticide handler.
  5. Licence holder must apply to the Board for any changes of address for company/business that handle the pesticide control at least 10 days prior to the change of address, attached with a copy of the License for Selling and Storing Pesticide for the Purpose of Selling issued by the Pesticide Licensing Officer and, in the matter of business that control pests, business licence issued by the local authority with regards to new premises.
  6. Licence holder must inform the Board on any changes of licensed pesticide handler employed under the company 10 days prior to changes.
  7. The Pesticide Board can, in addition to the terms stated above impose any other additional terms deemed necessary.
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Last updated on Wednesday, 15 June 2016 - 12:45pm